Border Line


Amidst the sprawling 3600 kilometers that encompass what we commonly know as the 'wall of shame' and the Rio Grande, how does one capture a sentiment? How does one articulate the profound state experienced in the face of the endless anticipation of a smuggler, the solitary arbiter of tomorrow's fate? And what unfolds when dreams, confronted by myriad threats, transcend into stark reality?

Border Line delves into not just a state of existential extremity, but also into the boundaries - political, economic, and psychological - that shape and scar both landscape and soul. Where horizons, veiled by barricades and barbs, persistently vanish.

Reflecting the boundaries of a system, serving as temporary solutions to nurtured fears between nations, and often manipulated as political tools, walls represent an attempt at protection for their builders. Conversely, they stand as the final obstacle to overcome before embracing renewal for others.

By weaving together color, portraiture, symbolism, and traces, the aim is to offer thoughts, ideas, and considerations for contemplation on themes of life, death, and humanity's place,embracing dignity and aspirations within its surroundings.

Beneath the remains


Over the span of four tumultuous years, Europe, along with the rest of the world, grappled with the profound repercussions of an economic crisis of unprecedented magnitude. Within this context, I endeavor to understand the constraints inherent in an economic framework wherein an entire generation finds itself ensnared by the dire social and economic decisions. In cities forsaken by developers and governmental intervention, the specter of unemployment has become the grim reality.

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