Photographer for La Libre Belgique and La Dernière Heure les Sports from 2011 to 2024.

Regularly collaborates with various Belgian newspapers and magazines.

Holds a Bachelor of Arts in Photography from HELB-INRACI, Brussels.

Enjoys working with medium and large format photography and

traditional darkroom printing techniques.

Born in 1980 in Namur (Belgium), I studied photography at HELB-INRACI in Brussels. After a several-month internship at the VU' Gallery in Paris, I traveled to Latin America to create a photographic essay on migration flows towards North America. Boundaries, margins, and "outskirts" then became a focal point in my work.

In the wake of that, I was awarded a scholarship in Barcelona to participate in a workshop with Jane-Evelyn Atwood. I also seized the opportunity to submit my work for critique at the ICP in New York.

Afterward, I showcased that essay at various venues across the country and in Croatia. Moreover, this body of work was featured in the International Biennial of Photography in Liège.

Furthermore, as a photojournalist in Brussels for La Libre Belgique and La Dernière Heure Les Sports from 2011 to January 2024, I often work with numerous national media outlets and magazines (Imagine, Axelle, Alter Echos, Paris-Match, Moustique, Het Nieuwsblad,...)

The experience gained in the national daily press has provided me with a deeper understanding of the political landscapes that shape our daily lives.

I had the opportunity to be a finalist for the National Digital Press Award several times and won it twice.

Additionally, a collaboration with Getty Images also emerged during the Covid-19 crisis.

Pursuing my documentary photographic practice, I am presently engaged in an extensive series projected to span at least 5 years. Throughout this time, I will maintain a focus on exploring the concept of boundaries, now within my own country.

De Standaard

De Standaard is a Dutch-language Belgian newspaper founded in 1918. The owner is Mediahuis, a Belgian media group active in Belgium, the Netherlands, Ireland, and Luxembourg. (Wikipedia)

Alter Echos

The magazine is available in the form of a print publication and a web news monitoring service. Each issue comes with its supplement Focales, a photojournalism notebook that delves into innovative projects. (Alter Echos)

La Libre Belgique

La Libre Belgique, commonly referred to as 'La Libre', is a French-language Belgian daily newspaper covering national and international news.


Imagine Demain Le Monde

Published every two months, it offers innovative and critical information that explores the paths of an alternative development model and seeks positive alternatives to address major societal issues.